Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble Live: WWE Live PPV Another open field, there are ten other names, but it has not yet been announced as this year’s Rumble.Our early rate was John Cena. He also needs a champion to defeat the “official” WWE championship Rick Flair, and his time for this will soon disappear.

Royal Rumble 2019 Live

The goal of the medium is true immersion — creating an illusion so real that it tricks the human brain completely.

To give you sense of scale, the typical refresh speeds for a computer screen are approximately 80ms. However, for AR/VR, the industry is driving the conversation toward the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex (VOR) — the neurological process by which the brain coordinates eye and head movements to stabilize images on the retina. This is critical to synchronizing virtual and real objects to create a coherent view. The entire VOR process takes the brain 7ms, a more than 10x reduction over screen-to-brain propagation.¹

Today’s VR systems recommend a latency of <20ms for standard performance, and very low latency (<7ms) is even better. For this reason, developers and inventors want even lower latency to realize what they envision for the next iterations of VR.

While some level of AR/VR is here today, in most cases it’s localized content, and to do a distributed and dynamic push of content based on analytics, it’s imperative that latency is as low as possible.

Remember, we said that 5G is more than speed — it’s an entire experience. 5G will do more than lower our latency — it will be able to create interactive personalized experiences, potentially even based on what you like and where you are. These dynamic AR/VR experiences will need to rely on extreme amounts of compute power, data flow, and low latency.