Royal Rumble 2019

Royal Rumble Live: WWE Live PPV Another open field, there are ten other names, but it has not yet been announced as this year’s Rumble.Our early rate was John Cena. He also needs a champion to defeat the “official” WWE championship Rick Flair, and his time for this will soon disappear.

Royal Rumble 2019 Live

The cybersecurity arms race between businesses and digital criminals

5G means new opportunities for businesses to innovate. It also means more opportunities for bad actors and hackers to innovate. For example, edge clouds and IoT devices have multiplied at an exponential rate. While they represent new capabilities and services that enhance businesses, they also represent a mind-boggling amount of new endpoints and threat planes. These can be doors into the network — ways hackers can get to your data and assets.

As 5G technologies coalesce and codify, businesses want the 5G world and network — and the capabilities it can enable, all wrapped in security. Though the standards for the 5G core are still in flux, we do have indications that it will have some cool and effective features like common authentication between different access networks, new security key concepts, edge proxies, and more.

Unleashing the full potential of emerging experiences

Today, 4G is enabling many use cases. We are familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), autonomous vehicles, and drones. However, being able to use these tools in a distributed, highly dynamic, and mobile way has come with its challenges. There are some things not yet possible with our current network bandwidth, latency, and compute power.

For example, for users to get the best experience from their VR headsets and apps they need an extremely low motion-to-photon ratio—that’s the time it takes for the data to respond to your movements and reconfigure the VR image.

When you move your head, the VR display should instantaneously reflect it in your virtual world. The greater the delay between your movement and what you see, the more “off” your virtual world appears. If it gets too jittery, it can make you feel seasick since your brain sees one type of motion, but your inner ear feels another reality. The dissonance between the two is annoying at best and sickness-inducing at worst.

If all content is local to the device then processing is faster. However the more dynamic the content is (e.g. non-localized; the device app relies on data transport and interactions from the network), there’s a greater chance this data will cause nausea due to data latency.

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